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My Conferences
MASFAA Midwest
October 22-25

November 6-8

Bob Secru
Bob Sercu
Assistant Vice President
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Student Outreach Programs
Engage with students to promote processes leading to enrollment and address barriers to aid in your planning and support strategy.
Intuitively gathers information and documentation required to verify students for Federal Financial Aid.
PJ Advisor
Streamlines the processing of
financial aid appeals.
Grace Counseling Outreach
Connect with borrowers about the repayment process to launch a successful financial future.
SAP Advisor
Making appeal management easier for students
and schools.
Financial Education
Empower students and create a culture of
financial wellness through Financial Avenue,
our online education program.
Case Studies
Verification Gateway
Verification Gateway helped DeSales University process verifications more efficiently, created a more user-friendly experience for students and families, and lowered call volume due to VG’s customer service call center.
Financial Education
For the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Financial Avenue’s behavioral based approach delivered relevant content to address how students can immediately apply concepts to build financial capability.
Blue Ridge
Repayment Counseling Outreach
Borrowers at Blue Ridge Community College were assisted by Inceptia’s Repayment Counseling team that helped them with step-by-step ways to repay loans, taking into consideration the sensitivity and nature of each situation.
Watch to Learn
FAFSA toolkit
FAFSA Toolkit
Ready-to-use tools to answer FAFSA questions and encourage your students to complete it sooner.
#TheMoreYouKnowl Toolkit
Videos, lists, content and calculators to help students understand their relationship with money and how to manage their student loans.
Exit Counseling
Exit Counseling & Repayment
Share these free resources with students and families, and take a look at the helpful information under "Preparing Your Office for Repayment."
Resources to Share
Great Advice for Grads
Check out our annual guide for graduating students, loaded with information about loans, careers and life after college.
Great Advice for Parents
This guide features a collection of articles from NerdWallet’s experts and provides parents and students with valuable information regarding college planning and finances.
Great Advice for Grad & Pro
An e-guide with great advice for graduate and professional students, tailored to money and career goals.