Exit Counseling & Repayment Toolkit

If you're a student, take a look at any of our resources below to help you better understand the exit counseling process and repayment.

For colleges and universities, please share these free resources with students and families, and take a look at the helpful information below in the “Preparing Your Office for Repayment” section.

For more information on how the CARES Act may affect your federal student loan repayment, see https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus.

Gearing Up for Graduation
Tools to help you get ready for graduation and plan for the future.
Annually published e-guide for graduating undergraduate students, loaded with information about student loans, careers and life after college. For past issues go to our Great Advice page.
An e-guide with great advice for graduate and professional students, tailored to money and career goals.
For schools, use our suggested text to inform and educate students about the importance of exit counseling.
Our postcard has the details on the Exit Counseling app.
Getting to Know Student Loans
Exit counseling may have you wondering what types of loans and what repayment options you have. We broke it down for you.
Repayment Rescue
Need to focus on getting ready for repayment? We've got you covered!
Student Loan Forgiveness & Consolidation
Some loans may qualify for partial or total forgiveness, while consolidation can combine multiple loans into one. Get to know the options.
Repayment DONT'S
Successful repayment is sometimes just as much about what NOT to do as what you should do!