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Opening the door to enhanced student communication.
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Award Letter Advisor enhances student communication by efficiently creating and delivering award letters that are personalized, branded and easy to understand.

Efficiently delivering award letters can boost your enrollment and promote your school. For new students as well as returning students, helping them understand available financial aid, grants and their remaining financial responsibility empowers them to make better decisions throughout their educational lifecycle. Inceptia’s Award Letter solution helps you open the door to enhanced student communication early in the financial aid process.

Enhance the Student Experience

Personalized digital letters delivered to your students’ favorite devices are easy to understand and offer resources for continuing financial education in one consumable package.


Be the first to get your letters distributed with an automatically populated dynamic layout. Upload files as often as you like to provide the most current information for your students.


Brand award letters with your own videos, banners, logos and messages to celebrate school spirit.

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