Intuitively Automating Form Processing
Form Innovator Form Innovator Mobile
Form Innovator is a flexible form creation tool to gather student information in an intuitive format for your students and an automated process for you.

Gathering student information is a constant task and often done through paper forms which requires work for the financial aid staff to track and input information. Inceptia’s Form Innovator helps you gather information in an intuitive, automated way making it easy for you to gather the information you need from your students. All forms can be signed electronically.

Maximum Flexibility

Flexible form options allow you to utilize Inceptia’s pre-developed forms, create your own through a simple wizard-like tool or upload fillable PDFs.

Easy for Students

Students can access forms anytime they need to through one central portal.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and money by avoiding scanning forms and indexing information to student files.

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