Case Study
Presentation College
Private College Financial Aid Team Said “Goodbye” to Manual Verifications and “Hello” to Student Relationships

With an intimate student population and established academic and athletic programs, Presentation College is making its mark in the northern United States. Established in 1951 and the first school to enroll a class of Native American nursing students, Presentation is now home to approximately 800 students across its campuses in South Dakota and Minnesota. The growth of the college in both academic and athletic programs draws students of all kinds – undergraduate, graduate, transfer, and international – to pursue their education and careers.

Desire to Build More Relationships with Students Prompted College to Look for Solution

When Amber Brockel, Director of Financial Aid at Presentation College, first stepped on campus five years ago, she quickly learned their small team had their work cut out for them. “At the time, we were a new team and needed to learn all the regulatory aspects behind the financial aid business.” This, along with doing verifications, caused an administrative burden; committing full workdays to verifications left little time for anything else – especially the student relationships the team was craving.


“We didn’t have time to work with our students and families,” Brockel said. “Sometimes I spent eight hours a day doing verifications.” The manual verifying resulted in minimal time meeting with students and educating them about their financial aid options. It also caused a delay in distributing award packages. When awards weren’t granted right away, students and families felt uncertain about paying for college. Brockel and her team knew it was time for a change.

Verification Gateway Brought Positive Change to Staff’s Workload

The team needed to outsource a verification solution that met their criteria: an experienced service team, fast turnaround time, and cost—all factors found in Verification Gateway.


Verification Gateway (VG) from Inceptia is an automated online platform that streamlines federal verification processing for students and schools. Offering interview-style questions, simple and secure document collection, complete reporting and personal interaction when needed, VG enables schools to process and package aid faster.


Inceptia’s experience working in collegiate financial aid was a plus.


“Some of Inceptia’s team members worked in the collegiate financial aid setting in the past, which made me comfortable knowing they had ‘boots on the ground’ experience – they lived what we are living,” Brockel said. VG also fell in line with the team’s budget.


“The value of everything we get with VG is exceptional,” Brockel said. “Their work is always thorough.” Selecting VG as their solution provided peace of mind for the team.

Verification Communication Proved Seamless Among Students and Parents

With VG in place since November 2017, all communication regarding verifications was handled directly by Inceptia’s customer service. “We weren’t the bad guys anymore,” said Brockel. “In the past, students would sometimes get frustrated because we asked them to complete certain pieces of information again or resubmit forms. With Inceptia, they handled everything.” Students and parents contacted Inceptia’s customer service, rather than the university, regarding verification questions.


Since VG’s inception, student foot traffic and call volume decreased. “Before VG, we were fielding many more phone calls per year,” Brockel said. “It was a huge win for our team to implement VG because we could get back to the core of our work.”

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Case Study  

Amber Brockel and the financial aid team said verification processing took too much time out of their workday. They wanted to spend more time guiding students and parents through the financial aid process and be more involved in overall financial aid compliance.


Presentation’s financial aid team wanted a solution that checked off their boxes: an experienced service team, fast turnaround time, and cost. Selecting Verification Gateway decreased email and call volume; increased financial compliance proficiency; increased number of verifications processed; and allowed more time spent educating students and families on financial aid.

  • 237 completed verifications
  • Reduced student email and call volume
  • Faster verification turnaround

Presentation College is a private Catholic college in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Founded in 1951, Presentation enrolled its first class of Native American students in its satellite nursing program. Since 1971, the college has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Students have a variety of degree programs to choose from that are tied into Presentation’s deep Catholic traditions for a complete, whole-student educational approach. Presentation College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) division. Presentation holds a high standard of academic excellence and welcomes students of all faith, upholding its Catholic tradition in the development of the whole person.

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