Fall Webinar Series
Inceptia Fall Webinars Focus on Advancing Financial Education: Nudging, Behavioral Assessment Research, and the Impact of the Racial Wealth Divide

Join us for our Fall webinars featuring insights into student behavior and a continued focus on student issues. Joined by guest speakers who are leaders in their field, we will provide a research-based approach to student challenges and actions to help minimize frustrations and maximize success. Whether you are in financial education or student affairs programming, or simply want to deepen your everyday student interactions, you will gain information and tools empowering you to recognize and respond to these challenges.


A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way: Helping Students Help Themselves
Tuesday, August 28

This session will explore the why, how, and when of nudge theory. A case study from Indiana University will demonstrate how a simple letter nudged students toward better borrowing habits. Finally, we’ll discuss guidelines and ideas for utilizing nudge theory at your campus. Attendees will come away from this session with:

  1. A practical understanding of nudge theory and its role in financial education programming
  2. Tips and ideas from the Indiana University case study
  3. A guide to creating nudge-based financial education initiatives


How Are Students Really Managing Finances?
Results from a Multiyear Behavioral Assessment

Wednesday, October 10

Join us for Inceptia’s first multi-year research project, in which we worked with over 60,000 students from across the country to gain insight into their personal finance successes and challenges. From credit, to student loans, to alternative banking, the assessment was designed to gauge a full range of financial capability markers. The results can help all financial education advocates keep their finger on the pulse of what students know, what they think they know, and areas in which we can help bridge the gap.


Same Campus, Miles Apart: Addressing the Racial Wealth Divide
Thursday, November 8

This webinar combines thought-provoking research and practice to examine how minority students struggle against systemic economic disparity. With expert speakers from Prosperity Now, the University of Michigan, and the University of Minnesota – Duluth, attendees will learn about:

  • Data surrounding the current realities of how people of color are impacted by racial wealth inequality, and practical solutions on how practitioners can better serve students to improve their financial stability
  • How to introduce students to the topic via course integration
  • How to provide peer mentor training that incorporates discussion and reflection on economic inequality

Each complimentary webinar will run approximately one hour including time for questions. If you are not able to join the live session, you can also register to view them on-demand session.

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