A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way
Helping Students Help Themselves

Recorded on: Tuesday, August 28
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speakers: Carissa Uhlman, Vice President of Student Success, Inceptia
Phil Schuman, Director of Financial Literacy at Indiana University

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“Nudge” is all the rage right now, with its proven success in increasing FAFSA completions, decreasing summer melt, and improving retention rates. But its effects aren’t just limited to sprawling national campaigns – you can make big changes with tiny nudges at your own campus!


If you’re curious as to what nudging is all about and how it could potentially work for you, join this free one hour webinar to explore the why, how, and when of nudge theory. A case study from Indiana University will demonstrate how a simple letter nudged students toward better borrowing habits. Finally, we’ll discuss guidelines and ideas for utilizing nudge theory at your campus. Attendees will come away from this session with:

  1. A practical understanding of nudge theory and its role in financial education programming
  2. Tips and ideas from the Indiana University case study
  3. A guide to creating nudge-based financial education initiatives

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