Drowning in process?
A service partner can help!

Recorded on: Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speakers: Cindy Kohlman, Pam Macias and Deana Unger

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Financial aid professionals continue to be some of the busiest people on campus. With staffing constraints, shrinking budgets, increased regulatory requirements, data security concerns, and trying to serve students who expect modern, streamlined, user-friendly experiences, institutions are constantly challenged to get everything done. Working with a service partner can help schools provide more personalized service to students and their families while reducing the need for time-intensive technical support and regulatory compliance updates.

In this one-hour session, Cindy Kohlman, Vice President at Inceptia covered the top office challenges and how the right service partnership can resolve them. Pam Macias, Senior Director of Undergraduate Student Financial Services, Director of Financial Aid at Point Loma Nazarene University talked about her service partner experience with Inceptia and how it has impacted her team. Deanna Unger, Vice President of Financial Aid Operations at Inceptia, will followed up with how Inceptia’s unique approach to service partnership and industry-leading streamlined processes can help you meet your objectives.

Webinar attendees took away greater insight into:

  • Key reasons a school may choose to source process
  • Benefits of utilizing a service partner
  • Inceptia’s unique approach to service partnership

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