How Are Students Really Managing Finances?
Results from a Multiyear Behavioral Assessment

Recorded on: Wednesday, October 10
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carissa Uhlman, Vice President of Student Success, Inceptia

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What is the current state of financial wellness among college students? Do they really budget? Do they think about retirement? And do their perceptions of self-reported financial capability align with their financial actions?


Join us for Inceptia’s first multi-year research project, in which we worked with over 60,000 students from across the country to gain insight into their personal finance successes and challenges. From credit, to student loans, to alternative banking, the assessment was designed to gauge a full range of financial capability markers. The results can help all financial education advocates keep their finger on the pulse of what students know, what they think they know, and areas in which we can help bridge the gap.

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