SAP Advisor
Making appeal management easier for students and schools

Date: Once a month
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Cindy Kohlman, Vice President of Financial Aid Operations, Inceptia


Curious about what SAP Advisor can do to modernize your SAP appeal process? Do you experience breakdowns in your current process that you just can’t seem to rectify because you can’t determine where a student is in the process? Do your students simply give up because the appeal process is manual, complicated and paper-driven?

Join Inceptia as we provide a high level overview of how this product will address these challenges and others. We will demonstrate the user experience for students, academic advisors and the financial aid staff that administer the appeal review process. The streamlined online academic plan will be demoed but schools have two other plan option flows to select from if an academic plan is required for the SAP appeal process.

In this one-hour presentation, Cindy Kohlman, Inceptia Vice President of Financial Aid Operations, will discuss how outsourcing can help schools provide more personalized service to students and their families while reducing administrative burden and the need for time-intensive technical support and regulatory compliance updates.

We’ll also address the benefits of partnering with Inceptia, including our built-in electronic communication plans, document management functionality, and our performance-based pricing.

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