The ROI of Financial Education

Recorded on: April 21, 2016
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carissa Uhlman, Vice President of Student Success, Inceptia


Whether you call it financial literacy, financial education, or something else altogether, most higher education professionals are aware of the growing trend to help students manage their money in school and beyond. Yet while some colleges have dedicated offices and budgets to support such programs, other institutions struggle to justify investing in an initiative that may or may not yield beneficial results. The return on investment, when it comes to financial education, can be hard to quantify and thus many schools go without.

In this one hour webinar, we’ll share the findings of our latest research brief surrounding the benefits of collegiate financial education. Inceptia’s own Carissa Uhlman, vice president of student success, will examine the effects of financial education on student satisfaction and financial stress levels, retention and cohort default rates, and lifelong financial behaviors. A simplified review of the numbers will provide a basis for calculating the “ROI of financial education,” and examples of institutional success through financial education initiatives will be presented. This webinar is ideal for those looking for data to support the development of a financial education program, or for those who would like to expand their programs to support larger institutional objectives.

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