Many states have already passed student loan summary legislation and there is even proposed Federal legislation. Rest assured that you will be prepared with our new Loan Summary solution.

of student borrowers either don’t know or incorrectly estimate the amount they have borrowed.


incorrectly believe they have no federal loans at all.*

Many college students don’t have a clear understanding of their loans and payment obligations. They often borrow without considering the necessary steps needed to ensure repayment success.


Inceptia offers a simple, effective solution to help you help students become knowledgeable borrowers. Using Loan Summary, your school can proactively educate students about details of their loan(s) including how much they’ve borrowed and their estimated monthly payment.


Let us show you how Inceptia’s Loan Summary can help put your students on the right track to a secure financial future. Email or call 888-529-2028 to schedule a demo.

*Source: Are College Students Borrowing Blindly? Elizabeth Akers, Matthew Chingos. Dec., 2014. Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings.
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