Student Lifecycle Success Toolkit
Resources for the FAFSA, financial aid and college prep.
FAFSA and Financial Aid
FAFSA Process
The easy-to-follow document guides applicants through the FAFSA process for a quicker and more efficient way to successful completion.
FAFSA Deadlines
So why are there three FAFSA deadlines? This sheet highlights what they are, why they are important and when they're due.
FAFSA Checklist
This checklist aims to uncomplicate FAFSAs by keeping important to-dos in check.
Senior Year Prep Checklist
Wondering how to stay on track this year while preparing for college? This seasonal checklist will help you keep tabs every step of the way.
FAFSA Form Tips
Learn more about the FAFSA with these videos from the Department of Education.
Completing the FAFSA
FAFSA Mistakes
During the FAFSA completion process, mistakes happen. Check out these 11 common errors so they can be avoided.
FAFSA Resources
This easy-to-follow document guides applicants through the FAFSA process for a quicker and more efficient way to successful completion.
Understand Financial Aid
Financing Your Education
Helpful information on the basics of financial aid, student loans, and responsible borrowing.
Student Loan Borrowing
Managing how much you borrow is key! Use this list to stay on top of things.
Great Advice Parents
This free e-guide presents high school students and families with the information needed most to make critical college, financial aid, and career decisions.
Understanding Financial Aid Video
This video will show you the various types of financial aid and many ways to best get your hands on the money.
Make Sure You Have Enough Aid Video
The sky is not the limit when it comes to federal aid. You can't just keep receiving limitless amounts for as long as you need it. Just another reason why it's important to finish your program on time, and don't borrow more money than you need. As some people can tell you, running out of aid can wreak havoc on your college plans.
College Prep for High School Students
Make a Plan
9th grade plan
Start high school off right with SUNY’s guide college prep.
10th grade plan
Get ready for testing, assess your skills and personality, and more with SUNY’s sophomore plan.
11th grade plan
From the summer before to the summer after your junior year, SUNY has your to-do list for college prep.
12th grade plan
Crunch time doesn’t have to be so hard with SUNY’s senior year timeline!
The Big Three: How, Where and Why of College
how to pay for college
Walking you through the steps to apply for scholarships and financial aid.
Exploring College
Start thinking about your future with our guide for freshmen and sophomores.
Find the Right College
Juniors and seniors, how do you know when you’ve found “the one?” This guide will help!
College Navigator
Build a list of schools using “My Favorites” for side-by-side comparisons, pinpoint school locations with an interactive map, export search results into a spreadsheet, and save your session including search options and favorites.
Pick a Major That Pays Video
Listen to how these real college graduates picked their major and how it's paid off.
Federal Student Aid Career Exploration Tool
Federal Student Aid
Explore SUNY
People around the world know that New York is the place to be – it’s the launch-pad of countless careers from finance to fashion, a place that knows what’s needed and finds a way, a state that values the tireless pursuit of a better society. SUNY students tap into this network of resources to pursue every one of their personal and professional ambitions, develop strengths they discover, and take hold of opportunities that SUNY makes available every day. Things you simply can’t find anywhere else. Learn more about SUNY with these links.
Only in New York
There are certain programs and financial aid opportunities only available in New York. From grants and loans, to the Excelsior scholarship, to information on New York careers and college savings programs, take a look at what you’ll find “only in New York.”
Student Loan Repayment
Repayment Checklist
What to do while you’re in school, during your grace period, and once you’ve entered repayment in order to…well, master repayment!
Know Your Options
You have repayment options! Learn about how to reduce or suspend your monthly payment, or even qualify for loan forgiveness.
Estimate repayment
Get an idea of your monthly student loan repayment with our quick calculator.
Getting Ready Webinar
Sometimes you just need to hear it all explained, right? Watch our webinar on everything you need to know about federal student loan repayment.
Common Mistakes
We’ve compiled a list of the most common errors students make when it comes to repayment -- don’t let these happen to you!
Great Advice Grads
Every year, we publish an informative e-guide to help new grads navigate life after college. Download, bookmark, share with a friend…it’s just great advice!
Watch Video
The Federal Student Aid folks have got you covered when it comes to all things repayment. Check out their video playlist.
Consequences of Default and Delinquency
When you hear about student loans, you may hear the terms default and delinquency in the same sentence. In a nutshell, they both mean that the borrower is not making regular, on-time payments, and they both can cause serious damage to your long-term financial health.
Pros and Cons of Consolidating Your Student Loans
You may have heard of loan consolidation, or the process of combining multiple student loans into just one loan. To determine if this is the right option for you, you should consider the pros and cons of consolidation.