Always Managing
Your CDR
Managing your CDR is a holistic and continuous effort throughout the student lifecycle. The resources below are here to assist your planning throughout the process.
Considering Student Issues
Teaching Them to Fish: Empowering Students Through Financial Self Advocacy - Webinar

Inceptia welcomed James McCarthy, former FDIC and CFPB member, for an informative webinar regarding the top financial issues of which students must be wary and for which they must develop their own advocacy skills.

Handling Money Like a #GirlBoss: Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy - Webinar

In honor of Equal Pay Day, join Inceptia for a webinar to learn more about what the financial education community can do to address the unique financial struggles that women face. Guest speakers will include Sophia Bera, founder of Gen Y Planning and CNBC contributor, and Jennifer Hemphill, an Accredited Financial Counselor and host of the Her Money Matters podcast.

Full Minds, Empty Stomachs: Food Insecurity on Campus - Webinar

Date: Thursday, April 24

As part of our Financial Capability Month series, Inceptia explores the growing epidemic of students going hungry on campus. In this webinar, we'll discuss how food insecurity happens in such a food-rich environment, and how going hungry impacts every area of life for these students.

Connecting with Your Students
Adapting to GenZ: A Higher Education Guide - Research Brief

This research brief aims to help schools better understand the unique needs of Generation Z.

The ABC's of Gen Z: Adapting Financial Aid Practices for Effective Outcomes - Webinar Recording

This webinar will help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities Gen Z has to offer and provide tips from the University of Illinois on how they are meeting Gen Z where they are.

Implementing Financial Education
Dollars and Sense - Video

How do students feel about financial education? Watch this video to find out and hear what one school did about it.

Informing Proactively
Three Steps to Lead Students to Loan Clarity - PDF

See how Loan Summary can help you empower your students throughout their borrowing lifecycle.

Timing It Right
Grace Counseling Outreach Call - Audio Sample

Hear how our knowledgeable counselors explain the options available to borrowers during the critical Grace period.

Staying Ahead
Default Prevention Outreach Call - Audio Sample

Listen to one of our Default Prevention Outreach counselors help an uncertain borrower find a suitable plan.