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Why should I talk to Inceptia?
Inceptia is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with schools and loan holders to provide free assistance in understanding information, tools and resources available on student loans. Schools hire Inceptia to provide student loan counseling assistance to current and former students at no cost. Build a solid game plan based on your actual situation right now. Answer five quick questions to get some good next steps to keep you out of delinquency and default. Find information to help you understand and potentially simplify your federal student loan repayment in this comprehensive listing of resources. Use this 24/7, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, self-service portal to find helpful information wherever you are on your borrowing journey. You can also live chat with our highly trained counselors.
Why should I talk to Inceptia as well as my servicer?
Inceptia works as a student advocate to ensure that borrowers understand which options are best for them. We also work directly with borrowers and servicers to complete the repayment plan process. Student loans can be confusing and our job is to counsel and help borrowers understand their options without any pressure.
Why would Inceptia have contacted me?
If Inceptia has reached out to you, it is because your school asked us to help guide you in managing your student loans. We can help you understand your repayment options and give you free resources for staying on track.
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