Making money personal to financially empower your students.
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Financial education is so much more than planning, saving, and spending. It’s how your worldview shapes your financial habits, having the tools to make choices, and making the connection between knowledge and action. Financial Avenue delivers with one mission: to advance financial equity and understanding by helping students of all ages put the personal back in personal finance.

Financial education doesn’t work if it doesn’t resonate with users. Financial Avenue is designed by an expert team of financial educators and instructional designers who know how to make the learning stick.

Content That Matters

Our ten stand-alone courses cover the topics that matter most to students, that can be delivered at a time when they need it most, in a way that appeals to varied learning styles. The self-paced program is available anytime, anywhere, and the courses are full of quick sound bites, dynamic videos, quizzes, social media sharing capabilities, and practical knowledge checks that allow students to track their progress as they go.

Psychology of Money
Earning Money
Foundations of Money*
Credit and Protecting Your Money
College and Money
Spending and Borrowing
Debt and Repayment
Loan Guidance
Future of Your Money


*Courses available in English and Spanish.


Administrators also have a full suite of tools available to enhance the Financial Avenue experience. From real-time reports, to a fully-stocked Marketing Toolkit to help you promote the program, to an Educator Toolkit to help you integrate the lessons into your own programming and discover best practices, we do the heavy lifting so implementation is a breeze.

Students are looking for meaningful financial education that speaks to how they’re living right now; with Financial Avenue, you can give them that and more. You can give them financial empowerment for life.

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