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Through a service partnership with Inceptia, you can enhance your student experience with intuitive, streamlined processes, reduce your expenses and refocus your team on the tasks that matter most. As a nonprofit organization, our only concern is helping you effectively serve your students.
Financial aid offices are busier than ever while resources are being scaled back.

Outsourcing cumbersome, time-consuming functions to a secure, off-site provider will free up your team to refocus on student success. With more than 30 years of history in the field, Inceptia’s team offers unparalleled expertise and direct leadership experience in financial aid offices, touching every aspect of the financial aid process.

Regulations are constantly changing and data security is a constant concern. How do you stay compliant?

Ensuring your network infrastructure maintains pace with security and regulatory changes can be daunting, costly and complex. At Inceptia, we offload that responsibility for you, with all student data centralized in a FISMA-secure environment. We also meet or exceed federal requirements for data encryption and are a TECH LOCK® Certified: Service Provider.

Managing technology and infrastructure internally is more costly and complex than ever.

Many financial aid offices are last on the list to receive school technology management support. With Inceptia, you have access to a dedicated staff using scalable, leading technology that assumes that role and responsibility, greatly reducing your costs and headaches – while allowing you to complete projects faster.

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