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Alvernia University
Alvernia University chooses Verification Gateway for a Seamless Student Experience
Verification Gateway delivers a team of experts in all aspects of verification and student communications, and an online process that’s easier for students. The communications included in Verification Gateway increased the student response rate which means verifications can be completed and packaged sooner. With less verification work in the office, the Alvernia team can focus on students needing other assistance and continue the degree of service they are known for.
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Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
Verification Gateway Provides a Reliable Verification Portal to Enable Steady Enrollment
Selecting Verification Gateway allowed verifications to be processed more efficiently; created a user-friendly experience for students and families; reduced foot traffic and call volume in the financial aid office; and helped drive enrollment.
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DeSales University
Verification Gateway Helped Private University Complete Processes More Efficiently Among Other Benefits for Students and Families
Selecting Verification Gateway allowed verifications to be processed more efficiently; created a user-friendly experience for students and families; increased the level of data security; and lowered the call volume due to Verification Gateway’s customer service call center.
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Greensboro College
Greensboro College Keeps Students and Team Focused on College Experience with Inceptia Services
Greensboro extends their Student Financial Services Team with the knowledgeable student advocates that support Verification Gateway and Repayment Counseling Outreach from Inceptia. The Inceptia team keeps up with the requirements and regulations that could serve as barriers for verification and student loan repayment, removing the burden from Greensboro’s small team. Answering questions and managing the process for an improved student experience, enables Greensboro to focus on other aspects of financial services counseling.
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Housatonic Community College
Award Money Granted Faster for Students at Inner-City Community College
With Verification Gateway in place, Housatonic’s financial aid office was able to award students faster and boost enrollment.
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Louisiana Community Technical College System
Verification Gateway Reduced Work Load Among Staff at Multiple Colleges That Enabled More Student-Centric Service
Implementing a third-party solution, like Verification Gateway by Inceptia, allowed staff to spend less time verifying and more time helping students with other financial aid components. VG provided efficient and timely verification processing as well as solid customer support to both staff and students.
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Loyola University
Verification Gateway Solution Brought Loyola’s Financial Aid Team Back to the “Heart” of Their Work
Choosing Verification Gateway decreased turnaround processing time; reduced call volume and office foot traffic; and allowed staff to educate students on basic financial concepts.
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Nevada State College
Verification Gateway Solution Made Life Easier for Staff and Students
Selecting Verification Gateway enabled verifications to be processed easier and faster. It also allowed Eastman and her staff to counsel students on non-verification items. The team also experienced lower call volume, which was a much-needed relief from the already smaller staff size.
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St. Thomas Aquinas College
St. Thomas Aquinas College Moves their Student Experience Forward with Verification Gateway
St. Thomas Aquinas College is in the New York City Metropolitan area with a mission of offering a leading-edge, transformative education. The campus is a lively, close-knit community that encourages individual growth and exploration. The faculty are not just educators but also mentors who inspire lifelong learning.
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Stephens College
Verification Gateway Made Verification Process Simpler for Staff and Students
Selecting Verification Gateway made verifications easier to process, provided students with a less stressful online experience, and reduced the work load for the financial aid staff.
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University of Texas at Tyler
Verification Gateway relieves the pressure of increasing verification numbers enabling the financial aid team to maintain high-level student-centric service
UT Tyler prides itself on its student-centricity in all departments. Implementing Verification Gateway from Inceptia enabled them to extend that service level to students and parents while increasing the efficiency and speed of award distribution.
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Bossier Parish Community College
Bossier Parish Community College Finds Expertise to Support Students through Student Outreach Program
BPCC implemented the Inceptia Student Outreach Programs team, with their vast knowledge of financial aid, to extend the personal outreach to returning students to check in on their attendance plans, answer questions, provide next steps and offer encouragement while allowing the BPCC team to concentrate on other counseling efforts.
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Delgado Community College
Delgado Moves Students from Applied to Enrolled through Student Outreach Program
Utilizing Student Outreach Programs multifaceted strategy for connecting with students, the Inceptia team contacted just over 2,000 students. The contacts consisted of 90% never having showed interest in Delgado and the remaining 10% had withdrawn in Spring 2022.
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Gwinnett Technical College
Gwinnett Technical College Extends the Personal Touch and Meets Goals with Student Outreach Program
GTC leveraged the Inceptia Student Outreach Programs team to extend the personal outreach to admitted students to welcome them, answer questions, provide next steps and offer encouragement.
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Doane University
Doane University’s First-Year Experience Students See Improved Financial Knowledge with Financial Avenue
Doane University emphasizes experiential learning to equip students with practical skills, global perspectives, and a competitive edge in the job market. Their first-year experience program focuses on wellness dimensions, including financial wellness. However, effectively delivering financial education that students can absorb proves to be a challenge.
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Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Financial Avenue As a Drawing Board to Launch Artistic Careers
Financial Avenue takes a behavioral-based approach to delivering relevant content that explains exactly why students should care, while also addressing how students can immediately apply concepts to build financial capability now.
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University of Dayton
Financial Avenue Helps Students With Housing Assignment Advantage While Learning Life Skills
With its flexibility and 24-7 access, Financial Avenue provides the ideal platform for UD students to earn housing points while also increasing their financial capability — a win-win! It helps reinforce key concepts, while new perspectives born of growth and experience enhance the learning process.
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Alvernia University
Alvernia University Enhances Student Support with Repayment Counseling Outreach
Repayment Counseling Outreach from Inceptia offered the combination of outreach to connect with borrowers and knowledgeable student advocates to provide the support Alvernia students are accustom to. That took the load off of the Alvernia Student Financial Planning team while improving their CDR.
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Blue Ridge Community College
Students No Longer Hid from Debt and the Financial Aid Team Experiences a Lower Default Rate
The Repayment Counseling Outreach team from Inceptia contacted each defaulted borrower and worked through every unique case. They walked borrowers through step-by-steps ways to repay loans, taking into consideration the sensitivity and nature of each situation.
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Metropolitan Community College
Early Student Connection is Key to Successful Repayment Entry
The expert student advocates at Inceptia gladly rose to the challenge. As part of our Repayment Counseling Outreach solution, the team contacted borrowers in delinquency to discuss each unique case. Inceptia guided borrowers through repayment plan options and preparation, while customizing the experience for each student; just as MCC counselors would.
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