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Alvernia University
Alvernia University Chooses Verification Gateway for a Seamless Student Experience

It’s rooted in the culture of Alvernia University to be a beacon of hope that helps first-generation students succeed. Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, the University sits in one of the lowest income cities in the nation for its size. The team in the Financial Aid office sees the need first-hand and is key to helping Alvernia continue their commitment to fulfilling the educational aspirations of students through service and support.

Fulfilling the Need Takes a Team & Time

The Student Financial Services office is often the first stop for students. Christine Saadi, Senior Director, Student Financial Services explains, “There can’t be just one person that is dedicated to verification with our varied student population, so everyone needs to understand the process, the forms, documentation, and understand Federal versus institutional verification. Not only is it challenging to find staff in the first place, it’s even harder when they need to be trained with so much information.”


“The complexity of verification terminology can pose a challenge, particularly for students and parents with English as a second language. It can add another layer of confusion.” comments Ms. Saadi. “We really started noticing how much we needed to find a solution pre-COVID. We lost most of our team at one time and finding the time to train new team members on the intricacies of financial aid at Alvernia amongst student counseling was more than we could handle.”

Verification Turnaround is Key to Retention

Time and knowledge were challenges Ms. Saadi knew they needed to address to provide the best process for students. “Verification turnaround is directly related to keeping the attention of potential students, to help them follow through. When they are making these decisions, they are finishing high school, searching for a college and sorting out their future. Verification is just one more thing. Our goal is to make it as easy, efficient and effective as possible and we couldn’t continue to progress without help.”


Ms. Saadi connected with Inceptia, took a look at the whole process, and found that Verification Gateway could relieve many of their challenges. Verification Gateway intuitively guides students and parents through the verification process. The easy-to-follow alerts, task lists and sample documents let them know what documentation is needed, when it’s due and when they’ve completed their requirements. If clarification is needed, there are helpful tips along the way and Inceptia’s student advocate team is available to help.

Improved Student and Staff Experience

“Verification Gateway offers us a team of experts in all aspects of verification and student communications, with an online process that’s easier for our students. If we, or other departments do get a question, we can share the link to VG and continue to work together,” says Ms. Saadi. The communications that are part of Verification Gateway have increased the student response rate which means verifications are completed and packaged sooner. With less work on verification in the office, the Alvernia team can focus on those students that need other assistance and continue the degree of service they are known for.

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Alvernia University Case Study  

Alvernia’s stong first-generation student population means that the Student Financial Planning office is often the first stop. Staffing shortages and turnover reduced the depth of knowledge of the team which slowed down the verification process and impacted student services.


Verification Gateway delivers a team of experts in all aspects of verification and student communications, and an online process that’s easier for students. The communications included in Verification Gateway increased the student response rate which means verifications can be completed and packaged sooner. With less verification work in the office, the Alvernia team can focus on students needing other assistance and continue the degree of service they are known for.

  • Reduced workload for Alvernia team
  • Increased student follow through
  • Faster aid packaging
  • Reduced traffic to the financial aid office at start of term
  • Increased number of students cleared prior to term

Alvernia University is a private Pennsylvania school rooted in the Catholic and liberal arts traditions. Alvernia has penned their model of transformational education the Alvernia Advantage, offering more than 50 undergraduate majors and minors that are uniquely combined with a strong liberal arts foundation.

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