Verification transformed giving you time savings and flexibility.
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Verification Gateway pairs a fully-automated process with the flexibility of optional personal interaction, to offer the industry’s smartest verification solution.
The Verification Gateway platform is an intuitive, automated solution to gather the information and documentation required for Federal and institutional verification. The system utilizes smart technology that includes applying progressive rules to automatically approve verifications or if a manual review is required, separates those verifications for further review.
Improve Student Experience
Verification Gateway intuitively guides students and parents through the verification process. With easy-to-follow alerts and task lists, they know what documentation is needed, when it’s due and when they’ve completed their requirements. If clarification is needed, there are helpful tips along the way and the option for personal contact.
Organize Document Management
Verification Gateway collects all necessary documentation and combines it with the student record to eliminate time-consuming sorting and hunting for files. The convenient dashboard makes it easy for administrators to download individual documentation or a complete aid-year streamlining the process to package student files and disburse aid more quickly.
Increase Flexibility for Financial Aid Staff
Financial Aid staff can spend less time on busywork and gain more time to focus on students. Using the administrator portal, Verification Gateway grants school staff the freedom to manage the online verification process wherever they are and whenever they want.
Enhance Effectiveness
Verification Gateway offers schools a means to award students faster; reduce compliance risk and incoming call volume; and increase efficiency – all while improving student satisfaction.
Support the Changing Environment
The flexibility of the Verification Gateway platform enables efficient turnaround on systematic changes, like ED requirements.

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