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Inceptia is a nonprofit organization that partners with students and their schools to help you understand and manage your student loans – and get more knowledgeable about managing your money in general. You might hear from one of our counselors, see us online or contact us for help.
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As we continue to see developments in the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, we want to assure you that during these uncertain times, you can count on Inceptia. We are still processing verifications and here to help you with your student loan repayment needs.
Why would we contact you?
You may hear from one of our dedicated counselors. Depending on your situation, we may reach out to help you get a handle on your student loan repayment options, rights and responsibilities, along with giving you some tools and resources to help keep you on the right track and out of default.
Why would I contact Inceptia?
If your school partners with us, you could be provided a number to call for verification or financial wellness assistance in general.
What’s with the owl?
That’s the Knowl! He’s an owl with plenty of knowledge to share about all things financial. We consider him an integral part of the team. You might see the Knowl on posters and postcards but most importantly, he leads the charge of guiding you through resources on Financial Avenue to help you be more comfortable with managing your money.
Verification Gateway
I’ve been selected for verification and my school has asked that I confirm and/or provide documentation in order to receive financial aid. What do I do next?
Student Loan Knowledge HQ
How do I keep track of all my loans, how much I borrowed and how much I owe?
Financial Avenue
I don’t feel I know much about managing my money and finances. What can I do? Contact your school’s financial aid office to obtain a code to access the courses.
Borrower Portal
I need to access my actual loan information. Where do I go?
Helpful forms and links
I just need some basic information about student loans and repayment. Can you help?
Student Resources
I want to learn more about my student loan journey.

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