Case Study
Greensboro College
Greensboro College Keeps Students and Team Focused on College Experience with Inceptia Services

Greensboro College provides a supportive and inclusive environment for its diverse student body and strives to make higher education accessible through its robust financial aid programs, ensuring that students have the resources they need to pursue their educational goals. For Student Financial Services, the school theme, “Graduate ready for anything” means removing barriers to keep students and staff focused on what students really need can be the difference in a positive college experience.

Keeping Up with Details & Regulatory Changes

“There are so many little things that can be missed in financial aid throughout a student’s journey,” says, Lindsay Latham, Senior Director of Student Financial Services. Greensboro’s Student Financial Services Team was handling verification, but after some audit findings, the changing regulatory landscape added further pressure to the team. “With a small team, even with a small student body, it could completely tie up at least one full-time person just sorting out the details.”

Outsourcing Increases Accuracy & Opens Opportunity

Greensboro implemented Verification Gateway, a full-service solution that streamlines the verification process, to relieve the stress of verification on the team. “Outsourcing isn’t replacing anyone on our team, it’s adding to our team. When a student is completing verification they often need assistance multiple times. Inceptia is handling all of the verification questions and streamlining the dreaded verification process. This allows our team to focus on the students themselves and their actual financial needs. Now, more than ever our students need us to have time to sit down with them and hold financial conversations. Inceptia allows us to have that available time.”

Planning for the Future

Being able to really focus on students themselves led Greensboro to also implement Repayment Counseling Outreach, an Inceptia solution to connect and counsel delinquent borrowers. “We haven’t been doing repayment for a while. Inceptia’s team keeps up with all of the information our borrowers need to know to knowledgeably make decisions on their repayment route, so we can keep our general knowledge, but rely on Inceptia to connect with borrowers and answer questions. It’s well worth the investment to save the time and stress on our team.”

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Case Study  

Time and depth of verification and loan repayment knowledge prompted the Greensboro Student Financial Services Team to look for other options to best help students and relieve stress on the team.


Greensboro extends their Student Financial Services Team with the knowledgeable student advocates that support Verification Gateway and Repayment Counseling Outreach from Inceptia. The Inceptia team keeps up with the requirements and regulations that could serve as barriers for verification and student loan repayment, removing the burden from Greensboro’s small team. Answering questions and managing the process for an improved student experience, enables Greensboro to focus on other aspects of financial services counseling.

  • Increased opportunity for other student services
  • 50% reduction in student call volume
  • More efficient verification processing
  • Extension of student relationships

Founded in 1838, Greensboro College provides undergraduate and graduate students a true liberal-arts education that prepares them to thrive not just in the classroom and in student life, but into their future careers and throughout their lives. Greensboro College provides a coeducational and independent learning atmosphere with approximately 1,000 undergraduate students from 29 states and territories, the District of Columbia and seven foreign countries.

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