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Alvernia University
Alvernia University Enhances Student Support with Repayment Counseling Outreach

Alvernia University has a longstanding commitment to helping students develop their innate talents, discover their passions and lead successful lives with deep meaning and purpose. By offering experiential learning and superior support throughout the student, Alvernia graduates are well-prepared to thrive in the workplace. The Student Financial Services team extends that same commitment to students when it comes to their financial future and student loan repayment by ensuring all students have access to resources to help with successful repayment.

Repayment Counseling Staff Availability Didn’t Align

Even though the team had a process for working with students and guiding them to successful loan repayment, Alvernia’s student loan defaults were rising and with a small student population, just a few can have a big impact. “When I started seeing a consistent rise in number of students defaulting, I knew we needed to make a change to our approach of loan repayment counseling,” said Christine Saadi, Sr. Director of Student Financial Services. Ms. Saadi met with the Inceptia team to evaluate the situation. “We needed to figure out if we could evaluate which students may run into repayment trouble in the future, but that takes a lot of time and our team was spread thin already,” comments Ms. Saadi.


Realizing those borrowers that may have trouble is just part of the challenge. Once they could predict potential defaulters, Ms. Saadi and team knew that even if they added another person it would take more counseling time than available to offer the support the Alvernia students are accustomed to.


It’s also a challenge to find someone that has the depth of repayment knowledge, or wants to, to keep up with the regulations and guidelines associated with the changing repayment landscape.

Repayment Counseling Outreach Student Advocates Extend Support Bandwidth

“Once we determined the issues and talked through our goals with Inceptia, we all saw how the Inceptia Repayment Counseling Outreach team could help us by doing the pro-active outreach and counseling needed to help our at-risk borrowers.”


Inceptia’s highly-trained counselors have a deep concentration of loan repayment and soft skills training to help student borrowers understand their repayment requirements and determine next best steps for their financial situation and changes that have occurred. The Repayment Counseling Outreach program includes multiple contact methods to nudge borrowers into taking actions that will put them on the right track for repayment, including live support to answer questions.

Students Empowered, Staff Relieved

Alvernia’s students that are slipping into delinquency are being proactively contacted and have a dedicated resource to help them successfully recover, allowing the Student Financial Services team to focus on other student counseling concerns and continue the student support the school strives to provide. “The value in knowing Inceptia cares for our students like we do allows us to concentrate on our strengths and purpose to give the best to our students. The return on our investment in Repayment Counseling Outreach is positive for our students, staff and institution overall,” concludes Ms. Saadi.

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Alvernia University Case Study  

To carry forward with their strong commitment to students, Alvernia needed to connect with borrowers that had the potential to get into repayment trouble, but didn’t have the bandwidth to do the outreach or keep up with the regulatory changes. The CDR at Alvernia University was on an upward trajectory and with a small student body, just a few defaults can have a huge impact for federal aid.


Repayment Counseling Outreach from Inceptia offered the combination of outreach to connect with borrowers and knowledgeable student advocates to provide the support Alvernia students are accustom to. That took the load off of the Alvernia Student Financial Planning team while improving their CDR.

  • Extended student support
  • 27% CDR reduction in the first year
  • 16% CDR reduction first year to second year
  • Relieved staff of regulatory knowledge

Alvernia University is a private Pennsylvania school rooted in the Catholic and liberal arts traditions. Alvernia has penned their model of transformational education the Alvernia Advantage, offering more than 50 undergraduate majors and minors that are uniquely combined with a strong liberal arts foundation.

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