Our grace counseling experts empower student borrowers with the critical knowledge needed to avoid delinquency and default.

Proactively contacting borrowers during their grace period is an advantage for all.

Our grace outreach counselors impart a solid understanding of the expectations around student loan repayment. A student who is knowledgeable and prepared early on is one who will achieve repayment success.


  • We utilize multiple contact strategies to reach borrowers, ultimately providing loan repayment resources and reminding them of their upcoming loan obligations
  • Our toll free number grants your students a lifeline for questions, issues, and general repayment information to help them succeed
  • Our student-centric resources at Student Loan Knowledge HQ offer great tips and tools to help prepare students for repayment.


Our research demonstrates increased awareness and reduced delinquency for borrowers who were contacted by Inceptia during their grace period. On average, schools utilizing Inceptia’s Grace Counseling Outreach service who experienced a reduction in their delinquency rate saw a 25 percent reduction for both withdrawn and graduated borrowers and nearly a 50 percent reduction for just withdrawn students.


Let us help you start early to prevent your students from facing student loan delinquency and default.