When Inceptia sends a document through DocuSign for your electronic signature, you will receive an email notification from DocuSign on behalf of Inceptia Client Support.

Step 1: Review the DocuSign email
Open the email and refer to the instructions. Click REVIEW DOCUMENT to begin the signing process. If you have any questions or concerns during the DocuSign process, please contact Inceptia Client Support at 888.529.2028 ext. 6306, or at


Step 2: Agree to sign electronically
Review the DocuSign consumer disclosure (linked through the underlined words, “Electronic Records and Signatures”), and select the checkbox I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures. Click CONTINUE to review and sign the document.


Important! To view and sign the document, you must agree to conduct business electronically via this checkbox.

Note: To view additional options, click OTHER ACTIONS. Here, you may select options like:

  • FINISH LATER - saves the document in its current state so that you may finish the signing process at a later time.
  • ASSIGN TO SOMEONE ELSE - allows you to provide a new signer’s email address and name, so that the document can be rerouted to them for signature.
  • PRINT & SIGN - allows you to print the document, sign in ink, then scan and upload the signed document back into DocuSign.
  • DECLINE TO SIGN - notifies Inceptia Client Support that you are refusing signature. This option that should be used if you are requesting any changes to the contract language or terms. Please contact Inceptia Client Support at or 888.529.2028 ext. 6306 if you are using this option.

Step 3: Adopt your electronic signature and view the document

  1. To read through the document, simply scroll down. To go directly to the signature block, click the START tag on the left side of the document.


    This takes you to the SIGN tag.


  2. Click the SIGN tag. You will be asked to Adopt Your Signature.


  3. Verify that your name and initials are spelled correctly. If not, change them as needed.
  4. Do one of the following:
    1. Accept the default signature and style presented to you, and click ADOPT AND SIGN.
    2. Click “Change Style”, and select a different signature style option.
    3. Click “Draw”, and draw your signature using a mouse, or your finger on a tablet or smartphone.
  5. Save your signature by clicking ADOPT AND SIGN. This step applies your signature to the document.

Step 4: Complete the document
DocuSign will guide you to any remaining areas of the document that need information. Provide the information in the appropriate textbox(es).


When you have completed all required areas, an option will appear at the bottom of the screen to FINISH. Confirm your signature by clicking FINISH. This completes the DocuSign envelope. You will be directed to a page that confirms the completion of the e-signature process.

You will also receive an email confirmation from DocuSign that the envelope has been completed. This email will contain a PDF copy of the fully executed document and is sent to all parties, including your Inceptia Strategic Business Director and Inceptia Client Support.

So, what are the next steps?
Within one business day of receiving a new signed contract, Inceptia Client Support will contact your institution via email to outline the next steps in the new client implementation process. For all other documents, any further action required will be communicated to you by Inceptia Client Support.

We look forward to working with you!