Early Engagement Equals A Better Outcome

Inceptia can help with Return to Repayment Outreach, proactive outreach to borrowers to remind them of resuming repayments and determining if there are any additional challenges will put them on the right track to for successfully fulfilling their repayment obligations without falling behind.

How do we help student borrowers successfully reenter student loan repayment?
Once the CARES Act expires, students and the financial aid office will have a new set of challenges to work through. Students will have had so much time to get out of the habit of paying attention to their student loans as their costs continue to rise. Let’s take a look at how students can be helped with reentering repayment for the best possible outcome.

Offer student borrowers resources. When borrowers do have questions, make resources easy to find. Inceptia has student advocate counselors ready to answer student borrower questions through our Knowl website, chat and a simple telephone call. We will be there to help them prepare for the next step, so their student loans are one less concern.

Stay in touch throughout this process. It will be far easier for student borrowers to work through issues they have during this slower time than when everyone starts back after the expiration date. If borrowers can make payments now, the zero interest rate can help reduce their principle. If they can’t make payments, this is a great time to renew or enroll for an Income Driven Repayment (IDR) plan. These plans can be changed when income changes significantly.M/p>

We are all in this together and patience and empathy will be key. Many times with personal hardship, financial hardship follows so even the simplest of questions might be the first question. An empathetically fresh ear to each borrower’s concerns will help get to the root of the information you need to determine next steps in counseling and recommendations.

Let us know how we can help. Use our resources mentioned earlier in this article or give us a call to learn more about Return to Repayment Outreach offering proactive outreach to student borrowers by counselors that are well-versed in repayment and managing student support.