FAFSA Completion
Helping students to overcome barriers and complete the FAFSA sooner.
FAFSA CompletionFAFSA Completion Mobile
Remind students of the importance of completing the FAFSA and provide support for unique financial circumstances through targeted, proactive communication.
Help Your Students Complete the FAFSA

Connecting with high school students with a reminder to complete the FAFSA is critical. Inceptia wants to work with you to provide proactive outreach to students to increase the number that complete the FAFSA and help them see all the options they have available. By doing this we can help reduce financial barriers to attending school and help reduce student anxiety.

Extend Personalized Contact

Through a variety of methods, Inceptia student advocates will reach out to students to help them see the value in completing the FAFSA.


Inceptia advocates will report successful right party contacts with students.

Changing Environment
FAFSA completion rates have been declining which could result in a tragic number of students not attending college due to their financial situation when they may have been able to afford it with some assistance. Use these resources to assist in FAFSA promotion.
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