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Louisiana Community Technical College System
Verification Gateway reduced work load among staff at multiple colleges that enabled more student-centric service.

Louisiana Community Technical College System (LCTCS) is comprised of 12 community and technical colleges across the state and is committed to serving all students – regardless of geographical, financial, or scholastic barriers. Students can obtain associate degrees, technical diplomas, and industry-based certificates that earn them satisfying jobs. Students can also enter a STEM program, transfer to a four-year university, and finish their high school diploma. In the 2018/2019 school year, more than 30,000 students graduated from LCTCS. Multiple colleges with a variety of educational and workforce opportunities for students keep staff and faculty busy, including those in the enrollment financial aid offices.

Smaller Staff Size Made Verification Processing More Time-Consuming

Dr. Amy Cable, Executive Director of Enrollment Management Support at LCTCS, oversees the system’s enrollment and financial aid processing. Smaller staff size and high student demands posed an issue for each college when it came to verification processing.


"Some colleges processed verifications in-house and saw students at the same time; it became a problem so the colleges wanted to explore the idea of outsourcing," Cable said. "The LCTCS pursued an RFP (Request for Proposal) in 2017 and Inceptia really stood out." Cable already heard of Inceptia prior to her time at LCTCS and knew they would be a competitive solution. The solution was implemented at four of its respective colleges and led by the college’s enrollment and financial aid teams.

Verification Gateway Exceeded Desirable Outcomes

Cable and the team of colleges looked for the following components in a verification solution: implementation and maintenance services; user-friendly adaptability; efficient processing; quick turnaround time; call center for students; timely communication to students and colleges; and a customized pricing structure.


"Inceptia’s Verification Gateway (VG) solution is a trusted name in the business and our solution boxes got checked,” Cable said. “The pricing component was a big decision-making factor because each college paid for completed verifications and not a flat rate."


Verification Gateway is an automated online platform that streamlines federal verification processing for students and schools. Offering interview-style questions, simple and secure document collection, complete reporting and personal interaction when needed, Verification Gateway enables schools to process and package aid faster.


Four of the 12 colleges utilized VG: Fletcher Technical Community College (2,098 enrollment); Delgado Community College (13,173 enrollment); Central Louisiana Technical Community College (1,437 enrollment); and SOWELA Technical Community College (2,950 enrollment).

Faster and More Efficient Processing Freed Up Staff

With the implementation of VG, staff was more readily available to service students and perform other financial aid work. At SOWELA, a front-line staff member who used VG on a regular basis said her workload was reduced tremendously. "I no longer had to collect documentation for every student chosen for the different types of verification, make needed corrections on the student FAFSA, contact students because of missing information, and store incomplete paperwork. Instead, I had time to counsel students, assist at high school FAFSA completion events, and help with other duties in the office."


Michelle Greco, Director of Enrollment Management at Delgado Community College, said fewer students visit the office with verification questions because VG made the process simple and user-friendly. When questions arose, students contacted Inceptia’s call center, which freed up Greco’s staff to help students with other financial aid questions. She was also pleased with Inceptia’s customer service.

Colleges Impressed by Inceptia’s First-Class Customer Service

"Their customer service was outstanding,” Greco said. “They reached out to our management team the moment a student called with additional questions or concerns, and they worked with us to ensure the college and Inceptia were communicating a unified message to students."


And while the first year posed some growing pains, Inceptia’s team was quick to resolve them. The team went onsite to the system and individual colleges to fix system bugs in VG and re-evaluated contract agreements to reflect better accuracy of processing time for students. "Inceptia corrected things right away," Cable said.

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Case Study  

The system colleges needed to keep up with the verifications but its limited staff size prevented them from doing so. With 12 colleges and different processes in place for each college, Dr. Amy Cable and the colleges wanted to outsource a solution that would consistently streamline the verification process.


Implementing a third-party solution, like Verification Gateway by Inceptia, allowed staff to spend less time verifying and more time helping students with other financial aid components. VG provided efficient and timely verification processing as well as solid customer support to both staff and students.

  • 818 completed verifications
  • Increased enrollment among the four colleges that implemented VG
  • More one-on-one time with students helping in other capacities

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) provides strategic management and support for Louisiana’s 12 community and technical colleges. Colleges award associates degrees, technical diplomas, and industry-based certificates in programs that are aligned with business and industry and local economies, which lead students to good paying middle class jobs.

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