Case Study
Nevada State College
Verification Gateway Solution Made Life Easier for Staff and Students

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Scorpion in Henderson, Nevada State College is the first public, four-year institution in the state. The college is home to 5,500 students and is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, a majority of whom are first-generation students. Nevada State College offers three schools: School of Education, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and School of Nursing. The college is known for its green-friendly culture that includes energy-efficient buildings, open community spaces with solar panels, and an organic teaching garden.

Inefficient Verification Process Left Little Time to Counsel Students

Jenna Eastman, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Nevada State College, said it took her staff six to eight weeks to review verification documents. While her team utilized an internal online platform that relieved some problems – like notifying students if they left incomplete forms – it didn’t solve everything.


“Some documents didn’t get flagged correctly in order for processing to be completed,” said Eastman. This, along with high call volume regarding verification questions, left minimal time for staff to counsel students about financial aid.

Verification Gateway Already Implemented at Sister Institution Made Buying Decision Easy for Nevada State College

Nevada State College’s sister institution, College of Southern Nevada, already had Verification Gateway (VG) in place. This, Eastman said, made choosing a third-party solution easy. Verification Gateway from Inceptia is an automated online platform that streamlines federal verification processing for students and schools. Offering interview-style questions, simple and secure document collection, complete reporting and personal interaction when needed, VG enables schools to process and package aid faster.


“Our main criteria for outsourcing a solution was making sure verifications would be done more efficiently so we’d have more time to counsel students,” Eastman said. “Inceptia met the criteria so we simply tagged on to College of Southern Nevada’s contract.”

Processing Time Dramatically Improved and Call Volume Decreased

Since VG’s inception in 2018, Eastman was impressed with the results.


“We very rarely had a student walk in or call and ask about verification anymore,” Eastman said. “We could sit down with students and hear what they were saying rather than thinking in our heads ‘oh gosh, I’ve got 10 more students waiting to ask about verifications.”

Students Impressed with Intuitive VG Experience

Initially, students were hesitant about using VG.


“They would tell our staff they wanted to talk to a ‘real’ financial aid person,” Eastman said. “But when they started to experience VG at its complete capacity, students realized how easy the verification process was. The negative feedback died down quickly,” Eastman said.

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Case Study  

Despite an internal technology solution that solved some verification problems, it wasn’t the complete answer. Jenna Eastman and her financial aid staff needed to lessen the amount of time it took to process verifications so they could increase time to counsel students on other financial aid matters.


Selecting Verification Gateway enabled verifications to be processed easier and faster. It also allowed Eastman and her staff to counsel students on non-verification items. The team also experienced lower call volume, which was a much-needed relief from the already smaller staff size.

  • 2,533 verifications completed since 2018
  • Decreased call volume by students and families regarding verification questions
  • More time to counsel students on other financial aid areas

Nevada State College is a public university in Henderson, Nevada. It’s part of the Nevada System of Higher Education and enrolls approximately 5,500 students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The university offers three colleges: School of Education, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and School of Nursing.

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