Repayment Counseling
Guide your students back to successful repayment and improve your school’s default rate.
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Our proven and effective Repayment Counseling Outreach is the first solution to base resolution fees solely on borrowers actually resolved in full. Only Inceptia offers an outreach solution with unlimited outreach attempts, taking as much time as needed to resolve each borrower’s situation.
Positive Outreach. Personal Approach.

We approach outreach with the philosophy of respect toward the borrowers, helping to relieve their anxiety, making the process easier as we show them the path to successful repayment.

  • Personalized solutions, specific to the needs of each borrower
  • Warm transfer to the servicer – this is very important as we work as an advocate for the borrower to the servicer
  • Industry-best online financial education tools provided to help educate the borrower
Proactive Tools

You have the power to track the progress of your school’s delinquent portfolio, getting a full, holistic view of its performance. Inceptia provides the most comprehensive reporting suite in the industry.

Quality and Security

The security of all data and the privacy of the student borrowers are protected to the utmost

  • All contacts and communication monitored for accuracy, service and compliance.
  • Secure website for uploading data and reviewing reports
  • TECH LOCK©: Certified Service Provider, a nationally recognized data and security certification

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