Research Brief
Financial Aid Management Practices
The Benefits of Outsourcing Verification

It may be an understatement to say today’s financial aid professionals are a little stressed. With staffing constraints and increased regulatory requirements, as well as serving students who expect modern, streamlined, user-friendly experiences, institutions are more challenged than ever to get everything done. It’s clear that schools need help. And outsourcing is a viable option. This brief looks at the pain points financial aid professionals are feeling today, according to the latest NASFAA data, and addresses how outsourcing can help schools provide more personalized service to students and their families while reducing the need for time-intensive technical support and regulatory compliance updates.

The brief specifically addresses the benefits of outsourcing verification and the impact of helping institutions refocus their resources. Data provided will assist those evaluating their verification strategy and provide guidance and support for schools considering a third-party servicer.

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