Press Release
High School Students, Parents Look to Inceptia for
Great Advice

Lincoln, Neb. (September 7, 2023) – For an eighth consecutive year, Inceptia’s Great Advice for Parents provides trusted guidance for college-bound students and their families.


The free e-guide exemplifies Inceptia’s mission to un-complicate topics that can cause confusion or anxiety for students; for high schoolers, college planning and financial aid are at the top of this list.


“We consistently hear from educators and counselors that students and families are clamoring for an easy-to-read, comprehensive source of non-biased information,” says Carissa Uhlman, vice president of student success at Inceptia. “So every year, we gather a wide-ranging variety of articles to address the myriad questions our readers have. Great Advice for Parents is our solution to help families make informed decisions, have tough conversations, or consider ideas they might not have previously explored – all in one convenient place.”


Inceptia’s continued partnership with NerdWallet allows Great Advice to feature a variety of topics, ranging from the new FAFSA simplification changes, to determining the value of a college degree, to managing your money in college, and more, with articles like:

  • FAFSA Simplification: 7 Changes to Expect
  • College Enrollment Is Down, but Here’s Why You Should Still Go
  • Costs Down, Wages Up: Can You ‘Work Your Way’ Through College?

As part of Inceptia’s nonprofit mission, this guide is a free resource for high school and college educators, counselors, coaches, and mentors, as well as other nonprofit organizations that assist students and families in preparing for college. It is available for free download or shared with students and families via our downloadable Great Advice for Parents flyer.


Inceptia, a nonprofit organization, provides innovation and leadership in higher education access and success through engaging and empowering students and streamlining processes. While our name and solutions have evolved over the years, Inceptia is still pleased to bring more than 35 years of experience helping millions of students achieve their higher education dreams at schools nationwide. Our mission is to support schools in illuminating a path towards educational and financial success for students and families, allowing them to pursue their dreams of reaching their full potential. Our solutions are designed to support student success by helping financial aid administrators maximize resources, so they can spend more time delivering meaningful learning experiences across the student lifecycle that fosters education and personal development.


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