Press Release
Inceptia Sponsors Financial Literacy Fundraiser

Lincoln, Neb. (October 05, 2017) – On September 28th, Lincoln’s Railyard was host to “Financial Literacy Rocks!”, a rock concert to raise funds for financial literacy throughout Nebraska. As part of their nonprofit mission and commitment to Nebraska students, Inceptia proudly co-sponsored the event with the Nebraska Council on Economic Education.

Over the past few years, the NCEE has made great strides in engaging Nebraska students by introducing financial education through the music of Gooding, a global financial literacy rock band. After performing a high-energy set for students, Gooding talks frankly to students about their financial struggles as a band. Through their relatable message, and tips for financial empowerment, student response throughout Nebraska has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jennifer Davidson, president of the NCEE, explains why the concerts are so well-received.

“Partnering with Gooding has been the most fun and engaging way to bring the important financial literacy message to today’s students. The rock concert catches the students off guard and they are paying attention; it’s not something they are used to in a school setting. They have a great time listening to truly amazing musicians. After the concert piece the magic truly happens. The band has established how authentic and cool they are; then, Gooding, the lead singer and guitarist who has a natural teacher instinct and demeanor, talks to students about the importance of saving, how compound interest works, why to stay away from payday lenders, and how making wise financial decisions can give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true; if you are not a slave to debt you have so much more freedom to reach your goals.”

“We feel so strongly about supporting the work of NCEE, and Gooding, because we are committed to advancing financial education in our home state,” explains Carissa Uhlman, vice president of student success at Inceptia. “Our mission has always been to financially empower students, and we’re happy to play a role in supporting Gooding’s message through music.”

The September 28th event raised over $7,000 to help fund future Nebraska concerts throughout the upcoming school year. The event also marked Inceptia’s fourth sponsorship in bringing Gooding to Nebraska schools.

The Nebraska Council on Economic Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, housed at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, College of Business Administration. Its mission is to act as a catalyst and lead a statewide initiative to advance economic literacy by primarily focusing on educating Nebraska's students and providing professional development for K-12 educators. For more information on the Council please contact Jennifer Davidson at or visit

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