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Inceptia’s Latest “Great Advice”: Navigating FAFSA Delays

Lincoln, Neb. (March 7, 2024) – The “Great Advice” series of online e-guides is gathered by Inceptia, a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower students with financial knowledge. The latest addition to the series, Great Advice for FAFSA, specifically seeks to help students understand and manage the new FAFSA and its delay.


Crafted with the aim of empowering students to comprehend and manage the current state of FAFSA, this special edition of “Great Advice” provides insights and actionable tips for students grappling with the repercussions of FAFSA simplification.


"FAFSA simplification was envisioned to streamline the application process for students and families. However, despite its shorter format, delays have ensued, causing some turbulence," remarks Michelle Lisec-Talarico, Director of Marketing at Inceptia. "For first-time filers, the anticipation of financial aid hangs in the balance. Return filers, meanwhile, strive to focus on their studies amidst uncertainty about their financial assistance."


Lisec-Talarico emphasizes the ever present FAFSA-related discourse, stating, "Hardly a day passes without another article or announcement from associations, educational institutions, or media outlets regarding FAFSA. Fortunately, there is a collective commitment to offer guidance and understanding, despite the shifting timelines. “Great Advice for FAFSA” serves resource, providing an overview of the current FAFSA landscape and offering actionable guidance as the process evolves."


Great Advice for FAFSA” represents Inceptia’s collaboration with the personal finance experts at NerdWallet to provide the most current information, including the state of the FAFSA.


"Great Advice for FAFSA" is a quick read available as a complimentary download for dissemination among all audiences seeking clarity on navigating the FAFSA process.


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