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Inceptia’s Online Solution Manages Satisfactory Academic Progress Process
Fully Automated Tools Help Reduce Stress for Students, Faculty, Financial Aid Staff

Lincoln, Neb. (June 20, 2017) – To reach students who aren’t meeting required academic standards and need to file an appeal, Inceptia has introduced SAP Advisor — a holistic solution that features a fully automated, intuitive online process.

“When a student receives a Satisfactory Academic Progress warning it can be a confusing and stressful situation, especially when it comes to navigating the steps required for the appeals process,” said Randy Heesacker, NSLP president and CEO.

“As part of Inceptia’s mission to bring greater efficiency to financial aid management, we’ve developed SAP Advisor to help students, faculty, and financial aid staff manage the entire process quickly and seamlessly.”

The new solution from Inceptia offers a two-fold benefit by helping students and schools:

  • Streamline the Appeal Process – SAP Advisor gives students a dynamic platform to guide them through the appeal process via automated electronic appeal submission. For schools that have tasked a committee to review appeals, SAP Advisor facilitates and speeds up the process by allowing committee members to vote on appeal submissions remotely.
  • Manage the Academic Plan – As some schools require an Academic Plan to supplement the appeal process, SAP Advisor provides an online portal where students and advisors can communicate virtually, build and monitor the plan.

“SAP Advisor automates document collection and review, which increases the efficiency of the school’s faculty, advisors and financial aid office,” Heesacker noted. “It also increases student satisfaction and retention by empowering Millennials by giving them the self-service, intuitive online solutions that they expect.”

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