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Anna HelhoskiWe’ve got so much Great Advice for Grads that we’re taking it to Twitter for everyone to participate! With guest expert Anna Helhoski from NerdWallet, we’ll be answering the most pressing questions graduating students may have about student loans, career prep and more – and we want YOU to add your expert guidance to the discussion!

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Topic: Great Advice for Grads

When: Thursday, April 22 2021 @ Noon ET

Where: Twitter follow hashtag #GradChat21 or @Inceptia

Guest: @AnnaHelhoski from NerdWallet

  1. How soon will I need to start paying my student loans after I leave school?
  2. What is the best advice for saving on interest on my student loans?
  3. What student loan forgiveness programs are available to recent graduates?
  4. Should I hold off on paying my student loans until the Biden administration announces loan forgiveness?
  5. Should students consider enrolling in graduate school, take a gap year, or look for a job?
  6. What payment options are best for students who are still unable to find a job after college?
  7. I heard interest rates are low right now, should I refinance my student loans?
  8. I currently have a lot of credit card debt. Should I prioritize paying that off or my student loans?
  9. What advice do you have for students interviewing for jobs from their homes?
  10. What resources are available to help college graduates learn more about student loans?