Full Minds, Empty Stomachs
Food Insecurity on Campus

Recorded on: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speakers: Shanah Bell, Holistic Health Advisor and Owner, AdaptiveNourishment, LLC
Clare Cady, Director, Community Engagement; HOPE Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University
Megan Scherling, Program Coordinator, Student Money Management Center at University of Nebraska Lincoln
Carissa Uhlman, Vice President of Student Success, Inceptia

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As part of our Financial Capability Month series, Inceptia explores the growing epidemic of students going hungry on campus. Despite massive dining halls and excessive food buffets, an increasing number of college students lack access to the basic nourishment necessary to support their academic dreams. This epidemic is spreading from the smallest of community colleges to the largest of elite institutions, often a source of quiet shame for those students who suffer in silence. What can we, as campus communities, do to provide support so that no student goes hungry?

In this one hour webinar, we’ll discuss how food insecurity happens in such a food-rich environment, and how going hungry impacts every area of life for these students. Utilizing a body of growing research, we’ll look at how some institutions are working to tackle this problem head on. Finally, we’ll hear from one school on what it takes to open and run a campus food pantry, as they provide insights from their first year of operation.

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