The Power of Negative Thinking:
Building Financial Empathy by Embracing the Suck

Recorded on: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Duration: One Hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carissa Uhlman


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As financial educators, we know the link between emotions and money, and often have to play the role of unofficial therapist; hey, there’s a reason behavioral therapy is a thing! As such, we may use positive tactics to encourage and motivate those we serve. But what if this approach is doing more harm than good?

What if we could deepen our conversations by embracing the suck, while also helping others better understand how to achieve and maintain happiness as part of holistic financial wellness?

Inceptia continues our behavioral science dive with a new look at how to be happy – but also, why being happy is not always the right response in building financial health.

In this session, we’ll talk through the benefits of feeling ALL the feels and how to find peace and
balance through:

  • Applying behavioral science theory to maximize happiness
  • Learning to identify toxic positivity – and just say no!
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