The ABC’s of Gen Z
Adapting Financial Aid Practices for Effective Outcomes

Recorded on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speakers: Andrea Pellegrini, Assistant Director, University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations (USFSCO) - Student Money Management Center, University of Illinois System
Carissa Uhlman, Vice President of Student Success, Inceptia

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Move over Millennials – Gen Z is coming! This next generation of students grew up with cellphones in hand, but rarely make phone calls. As “digital natives,” they demand that schools employ technology and online solutions to address what have traditionally been paper-driven processes. Thus, learning their language and partnering with technology can help colleges & universities adapt to these bright young minds.

Just employing technology, however, does not necessarily ensure student success, nor does it replace critical interpersonal interactions. A balance must be found between transactional and transformational services to provide students with the best experience—a balance that can only be achieved by better understanding what defines “best experience” for these generations.

In this one-hour webinar, Andrea Pellegrini from the University of Illinois System and Carissa Uhlman of Inceptia will present research and best practices to help colleges create effective communication outcomes by aligning their messaging with Gen Z preferences. The presentation will cover:

  • General understanding of Gen Z traits and influences
  • Communication and engagement strategies for Gen Z
  • Real-world scenarios from the University of Illinois to easily meet Gen Z where they are

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