The Telephone Game
Fine Tuning Soft Skills for Quality Student Interaction

Recorded on: Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Efrain Umanaguzman, Quality Assurance and Training Supervisor, Repayment Solutions

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Communication is the key to student interaction. Even in the best of times, the ability to assist students relies on communicating effectively. Even as the future of in-person contact has a positive outlook, developing and honing phone skills can make a huge difference in the quality of student interactions.

Students are making critical choices right now about starting or continuing their studies, and providing exceptional support is key for your school to excel. Whether you’re settling into your role or you’re a seasoned higher ed pro, we can all benefit from examining and sharpening our soft skills in stressful situations … amidst change … and on the phone.

Hear from our customer support experts on the tips and techniques they use to manage student interactions every day including:

  • Using effective language
  • Employing emotional intelligence
  • Taking control of the call
  • And physical or mental tweaks you can make to improve your communication
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