Beyond Exit Counseling
Decoding the Fine Print for Students

Recorded on: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Duration: One hour
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Carissa Uhlman


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To say that student loan repayment has seen a lot of changes this year is an understatement! It’s a lot to digest for fin aid pros, let alone graduating students or those who are preparing to finally enter repayment after a nearly three-year hiatus. Inceptia can help by providing expert guidance and plain language info to decode student loan repayment.

In this student-centered session, we will cover what you absolutely need to know about repayment, including:

  • Newly announced (Nov. 22) extension to the repayment pause
  • Changes to loan repayment plans and forgiveness options
  • How to save time and money throughout the life of loan repayment
  • How to choose a repayment plan that fits individual lifestyles and income
  • Options to avoid default and delinquency

This free webinar is a great way for students (and staff!) to hear exit counseling concepts and have questions answered by an expert. We encourage you to extend this invitation to anyone who may benefit from this valuable session.

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