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Inceptia is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools and their students to help you plan and prepare, and provide support on relevant and timely topics throughout your college journey.
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You might hear from one of our counselors via phone, text or email, or see us online. And you can always contact us for help.
Why would we contact you?
Depending on your situation, we may reach out to help you with the verification process, get a handle on your student loan repayment options, talk about deadlines, or check in on your college plans and progress. We’re always here to help, with tools and resources to create the best plan of action for your goals.
Why would you contact us?
If your school teams up with us, you could be provided a number to call for verification help, financial wellness assistance or other college or financial aid processes. It just depends on how we can best help, based on where you are in your college journey.
What’s with the owl?
That’s the Knowl! The Knowl is an owl with plenty of knowledge to share about all things financial. We consider Knowl an integral part of the team. You might see the Knowl on posters and postcards but, most importantly, Knowl guides you through Inceptia’s financial education program, Financial Avenue.
Verification & Verification Gateway
If you’ve been selected for verification, your school will ask that you confirm and/or provide documentation in order to process your FAFSA. What do you
do next?
Financial Aid Appeals &
Professional Judgement (PJ)
What do you do when life changes might mean you need more financial aid? An appeal or PJ request might be for you. Your Financial Aid Office can help, and we have tools and counselors that can lend a hand.
Filling out the FAFSA can be tricky, and the sooner you do it, the better! Our counselors are on standby to answer your questions and help you submit the form ASAP.
Student Loan Forgiveness
We encourage you to go directly to the Federal Student Aid website, and
FAQ page
, for the most up-to-date information or contact your servicer.
  • Commercially-Held Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL)
    The Department is working with FFEL lenders to ensure that commercially-held federal student loan borrowers can also benefit from cancellation without having to consolidate into the Direct Loan program. FFEL borrowers do NOT need to do anything now while the Department pursues this solution. In the meantime, borrowers with commercially-held FFEL loans may choose to consolidate into the Direct Loan program to become eligible for relief. Before you make this decision, we encourage you to learn more about loan consolidation at:
School Attendance
Your education goals may change over time; if you’re unsure if school is still right for you, we might contact you to talk it out, identify any hurdles you’re facing, and provide information to make the choice that is right for you.
Student Loan Knowledge HQ
How do you keep track of all your loans, how much you have borrowed and can still borrow, and how much you may owe in repayment?
Financial Avenue
Could you use a little more insight into managing your money, both now and in the future? We can help! Contact your school’s financial aid office to obtain the Financial Avenue access code and create your user account today.
Borrower Portal
Do you need to access your actual loan information?
Helpful forms and links
Sometimes you just need quick answers or basic information about student loans and repayment. Well, we’ve got you!
Student Resources
If you’re not really sure where to start, we’ve got a great site to welcome you to the wonderful world of financial empowerment.

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