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University of Texas at Tyler
Verification Gateway relieves the pressure of increasing verification numbers enabling the financial aid team to maintain high-level student-centric service.

The University of Texas at Tyler is one of the fastest growing in the University of Texas System with over 10,000 students enrolled. Maintaining an average student to professor ratio of 19:1 in their six colleges with four locations, they offer a student-centric learning environment that gives them an advantage over larger, less intimate campuses, aided by their offering of more than 80 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.


Dr. Scott Lapinski, Director of Financial Aid, knew his team had a big challenge ahead of them with increasing enrollment numbers, multiple campuses and a lean staff. These factors would culminate in the perfect storm, leading to an increase in verifications to process and a potential roadblock to student matriculation.


“We all know verification processing is timely and can be the difference between a student attending school and just not making it. For the students and families, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. As a campus, our goal is to provide personalized service to all our students,” said Lapinski. “We needed to find a solution to manage the verifications and maintain the high level of service provided throughout the campus, including the Financial Aid Office.”

Efficiently Managing Verifications and High-Level Student Services

The University of Texas at Tyler’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office discovered just such a solution with Verification Gateway from Inceptia. Verification Gateway is an automated online platform that streamlines federal verification processing for students and schools. Offering interview-style questions, simple and secure document collection, complete reporting and personal interaction when needed, Verification Gateway enables schools to process and package aid faster.


Since verification was found to be the most time-consuming work for the UT Tyler staff, the partnership with Inceptia allowed them to concentrate on assisting new and continuing students with other critical aspects of financial aid, knowing that the verification process was in good hands. The end result is more one-on-one time with students and better customer service, all while verifications are processed quickly and professionally.

Outsourced Service Offers Relief

Verification Gateway proved to be an even greater value-add the following year, when the UT Tyler staff unexpectedly experienced unusually high turnover and the reassignment of several seasoned staff members to Assistant Director positions. Having a rural location made it difficult to find experienced counselors, and so their three new hires (almost half of the total office staff) came on board with no financial aid training. Verification Gateway provided much-needed relief for the overwhelmed office, allowing them to fully train the new staff while continuing to focus on their high standards of excellence in serving students.


“Without already having a partnership with Inceptia, there could have been a dramatic change in the way we were able to assist students,” says Lapinski.

Trusted Partnership, Shared Values

UT Tyler initially implemented Verification Gateway for the 2017-18 school year. The partnership resulted in 1,537 completed verifications in that first year, which sped up their awarding process and helped them meet their enrollment goals while enabling them to also dedicate the time they needed to in-person visits.


That high quality of service and commitment to students and parents is also shared by Inceptia, assuring UT Tyler had chosen the right partner to maintain the same level of service we had previously provided by processing in-house. Our level of service in the Financial Aid Office is parallel to our overall campus studentcentric learning environment, said Lapinski.


“We wanted to be sure our partnership would be an extension of our overall student service culture. Inceptia not only provided that, but we wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the increase in verifications in our past two aid years without them.”

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Case Study  

The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) had an enrollment increase that in turn produced more verifications to process. They needed to get through the verifications quickly and accurately and keep the level of service for which the school is known.


UT Tyler prides itself on its student-centricity in all departments. Implementing Verification Gateway from Inceptia enabled them to extend that service level to students and parents while increasing the efficiency and speed of award distribution.

  • 1,537 completed verifications for 2017-18 aid year.
  • Completed packaging faster to support enrollment goals.
  • Maintained dedicated time for in-person visits.

The University of Texas at Tyler is a public university in Tyler, Texas. As part of the University of Texas System, UT Tyler was founded in 1971, consists of six colleges and enrolls more than 10,000 students on their main and three regional campuses.

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