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Tami Gilbeaux
Tami Gilbeaux
Assistant Vice President

Verification Gateway is a powerful tool that streamlines the verification process for students, families and schools.

Take a look at these resources to see the process, read the case studies, and review the stats on how Verification can help you. Then, connect with me for your personalized ROI analysis.

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Alvernia University chooses Verification Gateway for a Seamless Student Experience
Verification Gateway delivers a team of experts in all aspects of verification and student communications, and an online process that’s easier for students. The communications included in Verification Gateway increased the student response rate which means verifications can be completed and packaged sooner. With less verification work in the office, the Alvernia team can focus on students needing other assistance and continue the degree of service they are known for.
Verification Gateway Provides a Reliable Verification Portal to Enable Steady Enrollment
Selecting Verification Gateway allowed verifications to be processed more efficiently; created a user-friendly experience for students and families; reduced foot traffic and call volume in the financial aid office; and helped drive enrollment.
Verification Gateway Made Verification Process Simpler for Staff and Students
Selecting Verification Gateway made verifications easier to process, provided students with a less stressful online experience, and reduced the work load for the financial aid staff.
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