Student Knowledge HQ

A comprehensive, mobile-ready, portal specifically designed to assist student borrowers.
Student Knowledge HQStudent Knowledge HQ Mobile

Student Knowledge HQ is led by the Knowl, an owl who’s knowledgeable about money, and is eager to guide your students toward success. The site is easy to use, mobile friendly and offers a 24/7 self-sevice option, as well as the option to live chat with our highly trained counselors.

Student Knowledge HQ is there for students no matter where they are along their repayment journey—in school, during their grace period, or in repayment. Leveraging Inceptia’s Loan Summary, Grace Counseling Outreach and Default Prevention Outreach products, the portal allows borrowers to chat with Inceptia counselors and access tools and resources that will help them understand their existing federal loans, create a customized repayment plan, set up alerts, get answers to FAQs, and connect with their loan servicers.


  • Loan summaries
  • Borrowing calculators
  • Current monthly estimate
  • Career salary calculators


  • Payment estimate calculators
  • Detailed loan information
  • Knowledgeable counselors


  • Easy personal assessment
  • Customized repayment plan
  • Repayment guide and checklist

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Loan Summary

A simple, effective, uncomplicated solution to increase borrower awareness.
Loan Summary provides just the nudge your students need, at just the right time, to make informed borrowing decisions. Modeled after successful “debt letter” initiatives from across the country, Loan Summary bridges the gap between entrance and exit counseling to help students better understand the connection between current borrowing and future outcomes.
Promotes Positive Contact with Financial Aid Offices

More informed students know when to reach out, meaning more opportunities to offer support throughout the student lifecycle. Whether it’s identifying issues or simply providing a stronger sense of attachment to the institution, the effect is a positive impact on student persistence.

Boosts Course Completion and Corresponding Retention

Students that are in control of their financial futures can better manage their other priorities which leads to increased course completion, increased credits completed, overall persistence, and, interestingly, an increase in Grade Point Average – all contributing to greater retention rates that lead to degree attainment, a positive for both students and institutional revenue.

Improves Borrowing Behaviors

When used in conjunction with financial education programming, students leave school with more manageable levels of debt and a sense of empowerment to build financial wellness. For schools, this can contribute to future outcomes like improved Cohort Default Rates – a positive as schools face increased repayment scrutiny via resources like the College Scorecard.

Fulfills State-to-State Regulatory Requirements

Loan Summary satisfies state reporting requirements where laws have been passed requiring such communication.

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We'd love to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance with a demo or other information.

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Smart Borrowing


Let’s help students become more knowledgeable borrowers.

Smart BorrowingSmart Borrowing Mobile
Our Smart Borrowing program gives schools the tools to help their students become knowledgeable borrowers with easy-to-understand debt letters, helpful reminders and online resources to help them get on track no matter where they are in the journey.
A simple, effective, uncomplicated solution to help you help increase borrower awareness.
A comprehensive, secure website providing student borrowers with tools, support and financial knowledge.