Student Outreach
Engage with students to promote processes leading to enrollment and address barriers to aid in your planning and support strategy.
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Proactive outreach solutions can help you reduce melt and student anxiety while promoting school connections and enrollment.
Addresses the Changing Environment

With the landscape of higher education changing with new student and school challenges next steps for students can be uncertain and full of anxiety. Connecting students during pivotal times such as the higher education landscape to encourage them and show your support of their challenges can make the difference in their college career and help you realize your enrollment goals.

Extend Timely, Personalized Contact

Through a variety of methods, Inceptia student advocate counselors will reach out to the students you submit – allowing you control over which students and how many are contacted – to answer questions and help them progress by reminding them of their next steps including deadlines, registering for class and encouraging attendance.

Collect Trending Data

Inceptia counselors will collect information about the concerns expressed by your students and reasons for actions taken, like if the student withdrew or is not returning to your school. This trending data will offer insight as you make determinations as to the need for increasing student support and future recruitment and retention efforts.

Save Time & Money

Contacting students takes time and even in education, time means money. By leveraging the Inceptia team we can contact more students in a shorter amount of time and save you money per contact while addressing concerns and reporting findings for your future use.

Types of Outreach
New & Returning Students

Keeping student enrollment on track.

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Our counselors will determine if prospective and current students will be attending school and respond accordingly by promoting FAFSA completion, reminding of deposit deadlines, registering for class, responses and reasons for not attending school and encouraging attendance.

Withdrawn Students

Supporting re-entry by addressing concerns.

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Inceptia student advocate counselors will reach out to students that have recently withdrawn from your institution and do not plan to return. Counselors will help uncover the reason for the student’s withdraw and provide supportive options to encourage re-enrollment with your institution.

Verification Completion

Helping students manage the verification process.

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Verification can be a daunting task. We will reach out to students that have listed your school on their FAFSA, have been selected for verification, but have not yet completed the process. Counselors will determine where they are in the process, answer questions they have and provide resource assistance when applicable.

Summer School Attendance

Promoting the benefits of summer school attendance.

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Summer classes can help students save money, stay on track, get into courses that are full during “regular” terms and can save them time from a full-term course. Promoting summer classes can reduce melt, helping students reach their goals sooner and stay connected with your school.

Our counselors will reach out to your students to promote the benefits of your summer programming.

FAFSA Completion

Helping students to overcome barriers and complete the FAFSA sooner.

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Connecting with high school students with a reminder to complete the FAFSA is critical. Inceptia wants to work with you to provide proactive outreach to students to increase the number that complete the FAFSA and help them see all the options they have available. By doing this we can help reduce financial barriers to attending school and help reduce student anxiety.

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