FAFSA Completion
Encourage FAFSA and provide support for unique financial circumstances.
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Help Your Students Complete the FAFSA

Connecting with high school and returning students with a reminder to complete the FAFSA is critical. FAFSA Completion Outreach is a proactive outreach solution to help you connect with students to help reduce financial barriers to attending school and help reduce student anxiety.

Offer Timely Messaging

Especially with the FAFSA, timeliness is the key for students to receive the aid they need to get and keep them in school, and keep your enrollment on track. In a concentrated timeframe, we will reach out through a variety of methods to help students progress by promoting FAFSA completion and answer questions.

Extend Personalized Contact

Our team of knowledgeable student advocates will extend the care you give to your students and offer support as critical decisions are made regarding the fall term. Once we have right party contact, we will follow up with an information recap and further emphasis on FAFSA completion.

Collect Trending Data

Inceptia advocates will collect information about the concerns expressed by your students providing unique insights into targeted student groups allowing you to pinpoint specific areas regarding greater support of FAFSA completion.

Changing Environment
Revisions in student aid calculations, coupled with a postponement in the simplified FAFSA release, have resulted in gaps and hurdles in the financial aid process. Traditionally, fewer low-income students have applied through FAFSA, and the delay exacerbates concerns that the number of students seeking aid may decrease further. Additionally, there is a rising worry that students currently enrolled in higher education institutions are not submitting their FAFSA forms and may lack a comprehensive understanding of how to apply for specialized financial support based on their unique circumstances.