PJ Advisor
Uncomplicating professional judgment requests for faster resolution.
PJ AdvisorPJ Advisor Mobile
PJ Advisor is an effective, uncomplicated alternative to managing the growing number of requests for professional judgment.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Applicant and administrator portals available 24/7
  • ADA Accessible
  • Inceptia specialists are available via a toll-free number to assist applicants with questions.
  • Documentation is reviewed for completion. If a required item is not complete, Inceptia contacts the applicant for more information.
  • School administrators have access to applicant statuses, details on information submitted, and when ready, completed appeals ready for review through a central client dashboard.

All documentation is collected as appropriate through PJ Advisor, removing that task from your school’s financial aid team. In addition, it attaches the documentation to the student record so there is no sorting. You can pull individual documentation from our systems when required or we can provide a complete download of the information to the school.

  • PJ Advisor lives on a multi-tiered secure network. Inceptia is a TECH LOCK® Certified: Service Provider.
Innovative Outsourcing That Delivers Results

Inceptia is innovating solutions to financial aid management that enhance the user experience while freeing schools from the burden of busywork, allowing them to focus where it matters most – with the students.

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