PJ Advisor
PJ Advisor is a virtual professional judgement platform that streamlines and uncomplicates managing the growing number of professional judgement requests.
PJ AdvisorPJ Advisor Mobile
PJ Advisor empowers students to quickly and efficiently submit documentation regarding their financial situation when they are impacted by special circumstances. Wherever they are and whenever they need it, PJ Advisor is available on any device allowing the student to focus on their academics rather than worry about how they are going to pay for college.
Improve the Student Experience
PJ Advisor’s secure and device-responsive platform delivers an intuitive self-service solution that guides students step-by-step through the professional judgement request process. As they complete their request, they are prompted to digitally upload the situational documentation while following their task list. Helpful reminders along the way show progress and keep them on track. Once complete they simply e-sign and submit.
Review and Approve Virtually

School administrators have access to applicant statuses, details on the information submitted, and when ready, completed appeals are reviewed through a central dashboard. Administrators can also request additional documentation from students within the platform and respond accordingly when a decision has been made.

Expedite PJ Appeals

Pre-screening questions and a guided application process takes the guesswork out of what to gather and how to submit. Creating a standard process with room for individual considerations ensures all information has been gathered enabling a holistic and efficient review. The PJ Advisor environment is device responsive and easy to use.

Streamline Document Management

All documentation is collected through PJ Advisor into one student file eliminating gathering and sorting for the financial aid office for more convenient review. Schools can review requests individually or in a full download. Progress is easily trackable through the client dashboard.

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