Student Outreach
Connecting with prospective, current and withdrawn students to address entry concerns, provide support and collect data.
Student OutreachStudent Outreach Mobile
Reduce student melt and promote returning to school through targeted, proactive communication.
Help Your Students Get To and Stay In School

Connecting with prospective, current and withdrawn students during this time is critical. As a result, Inceptia is launching a new proactive outreach solution to help you connect with students and to reduce melt and student anxiety.

Extend Personalized Contact

Through a variety of methods, Inceptia student advocate counselors will reach out to your prospective and returning students to answer questions and help them progress by promoting FAFSA completion, reminding of deposit deadlines, registering for class and encouraging attendance. Our overall mission is to extend the care you give to your students and offer support as critical decisions are made regarding the next term.

Re-engage with Withdrawn Students

Inceptia student advocate counselors will also conduct outreach to students that have recently withdrawn from your institution and do not plan to return. Counselors will help uncover the reason for the student’s withdraw and provide supportive options to encourage re-enrollment with your institution.

Collect Trending Data

Inceptia counselors will collect information about the concerns expressed by your students along with the reason the student withdrew, if the student is not returning to your school. This trending data will offer insight as you make determinations as to the need for increasing student support and future recruitment and retention efforts.

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