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Proactive outreach to remind student loan borrowers of resuming repayments
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Reaching out to your borrowers to offer information and answer critical questions related to the CARES Act and student loan legislation so they can successfully resume repayment.
Early Engagement Equals A Better Outcome

Proactive outreach to borrowers to remind them of resuming repayments and determining if there are any additional challenges will put them on the right track to for successfully fulfilling their repayment obligations without falling behind.

Personalized Contact

Through a variety of methods, Inceptia counselors will reach out to your student borrowers to remind them of the resuming payments and answer any questions they may have.

Thoughtful Counseling

Our highly-trained counselors have a deep concentration of loan repayment and soft skills training to help student borrowers understand their repayment requirements and determine their next best steps for their financial situation and changes that have occurred since repayment was suspended.


Keep track of students contacted and how with easily accessible reports on number of contacts sent by each method, open rate and if contact was made.

A New Set of Repayment Challenges
The CARES Act has provided student loan repayment relief to borrowers during this challenging time. As the date for repayment resuming approaches, it is critical to understand and prepare for the unique challenges this presents for borrowers and the Financial Aid Office. Learn more with these resources.
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